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Georgia Bellydance is a project based in Atlanta whose goal is to bring the bellydance community together by promoting bellydancing within the Southeast.

Our first project is our video

pregnancy bellydance

Bellydance Baby! A Prenatal Bellydance Performance Video.

Atlanta bellydancer Kaleila filmed this stunning video while she was eight months pregnant with her first child. This video is an inspiration to any woman who has been pregnant and ever felt uncomfortable with her bigger belly. Read More.....

Welcome to Georgia Bellydance!

Pregnancy and Bellydance Resource

Are you pregnant?

Do you take bellydance classes and are wondering... is it safe?


Check out our extensive prenatal resource page with (valid) links to newsclips, books, videos and all of the articles on the web for pregnancy and bellydancing. No need to search for hours...take advantage of the hours that we already spent!






Are you a bellydance teacher in Georgia?

Email us at info@ and we'll put you on our list!

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