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Georgia Bellydance is a project based in Atlanta whose goal is to bring the bellydance community together by promoting bellydancing within the Southeast.

Our website is in its infancy so check back later for more updates!

Our first project is our video Bellydance Baby! A Prenatal Bellydance Performance Video.

Does your studio teach a prenatal bellydance class?

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Video Reviews

Belly Dance Baby! is a delightful compilation of routines skillfully performed by Kaleila who is 33 weeks pregnant. Aside from the fact that the DVD is well-made and beautiful, Kaleila delivers a powerful message, not just for the pregnant, but for anyone with self-image problems, to love your body and enjoy your feminine power.

She is the perfect example, decked out in splendid costuming, hair and make-up. Well-spoken and engaging, she is a treat for the eye, and is most convincing in this message, and that’s what makes it a great DVD for everyone. A definite “must have” for your DVD collection, especially if you are a teacher with students who may be or are considering getting pregnant.

- Diane, Company Mezza

Thank you Kaleila for sharing this special event with us! It is refreshing to hear someone revel in being pregnant rather than wishing for it to end. I was also unsure whether I would ever be pregnant again since I had a very difficult time conceiving and so I relished every second, good and bad.

- Zi'ah Ali, Awalim Dance Company




Bellydance Baby!

A Prenatal Bellydance

Performance Video

See the beauty, grace and power of a pregnant bellydancer....

Price: $20.00
(plus shipping & handling)

Atlanta bellydancer Kaleila filmed this stunning video while she was eight months pregnant with her first child. The video is 27 minutes long and includes four bellydance pieces, each one performed with different tribal-style costuming and with a different prop. Between each piece, she gives a brief introduction and thoughts on pregnancy, physical fitness and belly dance.

The first song, Blessings by Solace (album Ahsas), is a Moroccan Guedra fusion piece. Kaleila's choice of costuming includes a tunisian-style wrap and the prop is a woven Moroccan basket (purchased in Morocco!)

For the second song, Shashkin by Raquy and the Cavemen (album Jordan), Kaleila dances with a veil and incorporates turkish-style pantaloon pants, a burgundy split cost and green silk skirt.

In the third song, Cybele by Solace (album Vadalna), Kaleila dances with fire using two brass candle stands. She wears yellow pantaloons and a green Indian-style corset top.

For the fourth and final dramatic song, Solitude by Solace (album Ahsas), Kaleila dances with a sword by balancing it on her head. Her costume includes a coin bra, dark arm pieces, dark pants and an Uzbeki belt.

This video is an inspiration to any woman who has been pregnant and ever felt uncomfortable with her bigger belly.

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